About Margaret Campbell


Publishing since 1968

I started ITW Group in 2002. Before that I had been publishing since I was a sophomore in high school. It all started when I discovered silk screening in art classes and realized that I could print hundreds of posters from a single sheet of silk mounted in a frame. I was hooked.

My first formal job in publishing was in medical textbook publishing for Saunders in Philadelphia. Through the many years following that first job, I’ve been working in all kinds of publishing and when computers first appeared, I bought the first graphics PC so that I could publish maps. Software was sold on single floppy disks (you may have to look up floppy disk) for hundreds of dollars for each disk. The circa 1982 computer and printer cost $6,000. When Apple appeared, I rented time on them at Kinkos in Texas and started a magazine for parents, Austin Family Magazine.

I’ve typeset and created digital art for national magazines, daily newspapers, books, websites, posters, billboards… just about any type of publishing project, I’ve worked on. I’ve solved a lot of problems and have many solutions to draw upon.

I know how to get things published, and I want to help you get published… easily and swiftly.